About Us



"Spikehelmets" is a company that provides high quality replicas of military headgear and uniform accessories dating to the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

We specialize in officers' helmets belonging to elite Prussian cavalry regiments and leather spikehelmets.

We take the utmost care so that the replicas we provide are the most authentic possible as comparied to the original historical items.

In addition to complete helmets we also offer for sale various elements and accessories which may be used to replace missing parts on original helmets.

Among the items we offer, you will find over 100 different varieties of emblems used by various units of the German Imperial army. We can also supply gorgets, ammunition pouches, belt buckles and other accessories.

We offer our selection to members of re-enactor groups,  military historians and  collectors, costumers for the theater and film.

Please feel free to examine our offer. If you have an interest or a special need please contact us via e-mail.